National Picnic Month – Coffee mornings and garden tea parties

National Picnic Month – Coffee mornings and garden tea parties

July is National Picnic Month so grab your blanket, sandwiches and bottle of Pimms because we’re discussing how your charity can use cashless fundraising tools to enhance your in-person activity.

2021 – Coffee mornings become hybrid

Charities were already embracing contactless fundraising pre-pandemic. In 2019, Macmillan turned their traditional cash boxes into contactless donation points using QR codes. By mid-2020 charities were having to move all their fundraising activities online. 

Now that the country is moving back out of restrictions, charities are turning to hybrid fundraising events. This is where an in-person fundraiser can also be attended virtually. 

The good news is, hybrid events can be set up and managed using the same digital fundraising tools. Charitable ideas such as art exhibitions, garden parties, outdoor challenges and live-streams are all going hybrid using fundraising platforms like Good Thyngs

Macmillan Cancer Support and RNLI have strengthened their Summer events this way, with coffee mornings and tea parties now accessible from anywhere.   

5 coffee morning tips from Macmillan 

1. To meet more donor needs, give them alternative donation methods 

By giving supporters the flexibility to pay how they like, you’re able to satisfy a larger audience. In addition to cash collections, cashless fundraising tools utilise mobile and card payments via Google Play and PayPal. You can even include Gift Aid opt-ins.

2. Personalised fundraising pages will increase donations 

Generally, a supporter will host a coffee morning because the charity is close to their heart. Make it easier for hosts to connect with their coffee morning guests with a personalised fundraising page. In 2020, Macmillan found that it almost doubled their average donations. 

3. The more donation points you have the better 

The combination of connected merchandise and collateral creates more opportunities to donate on-the-go, and to donate more than once. The same goes for your online and virtual channels, too. Use QR codes and their unique URLs to drive conversions and engagement wherever your supporters are. 

4. Think outside that traditional collection box 

QR codes and NFC touch-points have given charities the opportunity to connect with supporters from anywhere. By expanding your toolkit beyond traditional collection tins, you can fundraise even if you can’t be there in person. 

5. Digital tools allow you to change and adapt to what you need, so just go for it 

A great fundraising platform should provide you with a sustainable and evolving suite of digital tools which allows you to keep ahead of the game. You can adapt to sudden changes and still go ahead, saving on time, money and energy. 

Feeling inspired? 

Levelling up your 2021 fundraising events is quick, easy and low-cost to do with Good Thyngs. If you want to see just how easy it is to get started please book a free demo

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