How to try a digital fundraising platform with confidence in 2021

How to try a digital fundraising platform with confidence in 2021

For charities of all sizes, digital transformation opens a new world of possibility when it comes to collecting cashless donations, driving donor engagement, and reaching wider audiences. 

But how do you choose a digital fundraising platform when you’re new to cashless fundraising? 

Generally, a digital fundraising platform can help solve multiple charity pain points and be a sustainable, adaptable and cost-effective option. 

Some platforms provide detailed analytics for all your online and offline campaigns, which provides valuable engagement and audience data.  

4 reasons to choose Good Thyngs

An experienced fundraising platform will give you confidence, because you’ll have an expert team and many success stories to trust. 

Charities of all sizes have been using the Good Thyngs platform since 2016 to connect with supporters. Here’re 4 reasons why you can choose Good Thyngs with confidence. 

1. You don’t need specialist skills to digitally fundraise

Ready-made digital templates, clear analytic dashboards and allocated reports make cashless fundraising easy for your marketing and fundraising teams. 

Choose an experience that matches your charity’s goals and customise the text and imagery. It could be a donation with gift-aid or campaign video with marketing opt-in. 

Poppyscotland built a branded donation experience with marketing opt-in for all their collection boxes during the Poppy Appeal. 

They engaged over 3,000 supporters and received £9,000 more donations than they would have by accepting cashless payments. The best part is, they collected cashless donations without being there in person. 

poppy box goes cashless

Live dashboards do all the work, just watch them grow

When all your digitised campaigns are live, results are visible in real-time. The dashboard is all yours and ready to download. 

You have a support team to help you whenever you need

With the support you receive from Good Thyngs you’ll learn how to create unique and more memorable campaigns like a fun selfie, digital collectable trail or virtual coffee morning. 

Jo Miles, the Individual Giving and Future Gifts Fundraiser at Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) explains how quick the building process was. 

“We started using the platform on a small scale whilst building a few experimental pages in the back. What you can do with it is so broad and the support we’ve had from the Good Thyngs team when building custom pages has been incredible. If there’s something I can’t do, the team is there straight away. Knowing we’ve got that service on-hand is incredibly reassuring.”

The charity is streamlining the way supporters submit registration forms using Good Thyngs. They’re also planning a summer coffee morning fundraiser, which will use virtual and cashless alternatives for the first time.  

cashless coffee mornings 2021

2. It can be the only investment you need to make

At first, digital fundraising can sound complex because it stretches out into both your online and in-person strategies. You can digitally fundraise online via website donations, a charity auction and virtual adoptions. But you can also digitally fundraise in-person with card-terminals, tablets and QR codes.

Did you know you can do all this donor engagement with one digital fundraising platform? 

The Good Thyngs platform provides you with the digital tools you need to engage supporters and collect cashless donations from anywhere. And you don’t need a card terminal or tablet to distribute and safeguard, either.  

Whether your supporters are on your website, scrolling through Facebook, walking down the street or in your store; you can connect with them in different ways via the platform. 

Even your traditional fundraising techniques can get a quick makeover. You can gain all the engagement insight you need by using a simple QR code or NFC sticker. 

See how the Armed Forces Charity SSAFA have transformed the way they collect donations with their new cashless fundraising mascot.

Good Thyngs is more than a donation solution, ticking more boxes than you think

You could reach more of your charity goals. Such as increasing your mailing list, streamlining regular giving, and expanding your charity messaging. 

You’re also able to personalise the experience according to factors like location or individual fundraiser. Macmillan Cancer Support found that this almost doubles the support you receive.

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RMRMC) discovered Good Thyngs when looking for a contactless alternative to their card readers. They soon uncovered the additional possibilities of optimising their reporting services like payroll giving and will writing.

Since onboarding the platform, the charity has built projects such as digital raffles, treasure hunts and even a selfie competition.

We believe it is the future, and that we’ll see a huge output from it.” – Jo Miles

Jo has an important message for all charities thinking about digital fundraising for the first time. Find out more, here.

3. It reduces your workload

Everything in one place, including allocated fundraising reports

The platform reduces the time spent on manually allocating funds and preparing Gift Aid reports for HMRC – because it does it for you. 

Campaigns are allocated so that you know exactly where donations are coming from. All you need to do is export the fundraising reports on your dashboard and send them straight to your finance team.  

Admin work decreases, finance teams are happy, and you can focus on planning the next great campaign. 

Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter reduced workload, increased donations and engaged supporters in new ways online all in their first month with Good Thyngs. Beth Codling, their Relationship Manager explains how the platform has made fundraising a lot easier for the charity and their supporters. 

“Good Thyngs is very easy to use, allows us to stay on brand, and decreases our admin work. The Virtual Pet Show campaign basically ran itself! We’re over the moon with how easy it is for supporters to donate with Gift Aid and we’re now able to send data and reports directly to our financiers. We’re looking forward to many more creative events in the future.” 

Read more about how their first ever Virtual Pet Show went, and why using Good Thyngs for website donations has increased support. 

animal charity fundraising platform

You can fundraise wherever and whenever you need to

Collecting cashless donations doesn’t require supervision, because you’re only using QR codes and NFC touch-points to connect with supporters.

So you can maximise your revenue streams and expand outreach around the clock. Just make sure your cashless touch points have simple instructions next to them.

Your individual fundraisers can also collect cashless donations

Anyone can help you fundraise and make donations go further. It can be as simple as providing them with a reel of interactive stickers to enhance boxes, cake-aways and more. 

It’s also important to remind hosts of this new way of fundraising. Regular communications such as “Don’t forget you’ve got your QR code to fundraise” via email is effective… and remember to share your mobile-optimised donation link on social media.” – Androula Papaiacovou, Contactless Income Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support 

Because funds are allocated on the platform, your charity can thank each host in a more meaningful and personal way. 

Fundraisers sign up online to receive a special donation QR and URL that they can personalise and distribute as they wish. QR stickers are also provided in the physical fundraising packs for collection boxes and more.  

“It’s about being able to create unique QR codes for all of our fundraisers so that we’re able to acknowledge exactly how much they’ve raised. It’s also great for driving engagement and gives our supporters the flexibility to get creative. It’s their code and they can do what they want with it. As soon as we realised the functionality, reporting, and real-time insight behind it, the platform was a no-brainer for us.” – Jo Miles, Individual Giving and Future Gifts Fundraiser at Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

4. Each month is like a pilot campaign

Test your ideas and use the data to inform future decisions

You can commit to the Good Thyngs platform on a month-by-month basis. Test new ideas, improve each campaign and develop buy-in from the rest of your team

Real-time dashboards enable you to discover what works for you, and gives you the ability to optimise campaigns in-flight. Knowing that every aspect of the campaign is in your control will help build your confidence when trying new ideas. 

Turning new virtual fundraising ideas around quickly has provided charities with a lifeline during events like the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, DKMS Gala, New Zealand’s Daffodil Day and the Koestler Arts exhibition

“How did we feel? Unsure like the rest of the world. But we were really geared up to ensure we could do everything in our power to meet the services that we’re so famous for at Macmillan.” – Androula Papaiacovou, Contactless Income Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support 
virtual art exhibition for charity

Start by booking a demo with Good Thyngs 

As Sun Tzu says in the Art of War “Opportunities multiply as they are seized”. 

Adding a digital solution to your fundraising toolkit will provide you with boundless opportunities that create life long supporters.

“We need to be as innovative as we can and not let our imagination stop anything. We need to keep moving and keep trying things because we’ve got to meet our stretch fundraising targets.”  – Androula Papaiacovou, Contactless Income Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support 

Remember… you’re not alone.

The Good Thyngs team will get you comfortable with the platform  and assist with your creations whenever you need. Booking in a demo is a free and effective way to get started.