East Anglian Air Ambulance ‘Taps’ Thyngs for Mobile Lottery Subscriptions

East Anglian Air Ambulance ‘Taps’ Thyngs for Mobile Lottery Subscriptions

  • In UK charity sector first, air ambulance replaces one-off card payments with recurring Apple Pay and Google Pay subscriptions
  • Allows supporters to join the popular lottery with a smartphone tap and a fingerprint
  • Launch campaign will see 1,700 ‘Only The Brave’ medals prompt friends and family to join and win up to £1,000 each week

In a UK charity sector first, the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) is making it easier for mobile-savvy supporters to join its lottery by replacing one-off credit and debit card payments with recurring Apple Pay and Google Pay subscriptions enabled by mobile proximity payments platform Thyngs. For the first time, supporters of the charity will be able to tap or scan fundraising materials with their smartphone to enter the lottery, setting up a regular donation and providing contact details with just a fingerprint.

The charity will launch the innovative new fundraising method to participants in its ‘Only The Brave’ mud challenge in March, encouraging them to sign up new lottery members using their winners’ medals. As part of the campaign, custom-printed stickers embedded with Thyngs’ proximity technology will be added to around 1,700 medals which, when tapped or scanned with a smartphone, will prompt supporters, their friends, and family members to join the weekly lottery, setting up an ongoing monthly subscription using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or stored card details.

Neil Garner, Founder and CEO of Thyngs, said: “Regular gifts and direct debits on a mobile phone are a complete pain for the average smartphone user. They simply won’t tolerate all the form-filling, so conversion rates are almost non-existent. By applying our technology that uses Apple Pay and Google Pay to charity lotteries, supporters can now set up a recurring donation with just three taps, creating a perpetual subscription and providing their contact details with just a fingerprint.”

Beyond lotteries, the technology can be used to set up any kind of regular gift via an Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet direct from a supporter’s smartphone. They simply tap or scan any fundraising materials that have been enabled with Thyngs’ technology, such as collecting boxes, posters, badges, direct mail, shop windows, and even volunteers.

Carolyn Causton, Head of Direct Marketing and Supporter Insight for EAAA, said: “Our lottery is a key source of income, so we are always looking for ways to innovate. When it comes to the digital donor who does everything on a smartphone, Thyngs’ solution was the obvious choice and we are delighted to be one of the first to use it.”