Guide to fundraising with QR codes

Guide to fundraising with QR codes

Thanks to NHS Track & Trace, QR codes have gone mainstream. This is good news for charities looking for an easy and contactless way to engage supporters.  

Only 3% of charities have included QR codes in their fundraising toolkit. We believe it’s because many charities need inspiration and help using them. 

Here’s our guide to fundraising using QR codes:

What is a QR code?

QR codes have been connecting us to digital content since 1994.  They work in the same way as a barcode and can be scanned using any smartphone camera or app. There are many creative ways to use QR codes to fundraise and most of your donors will be able to scan them to support you – if they’re designed and placed correctly.

Why would my charity use QR codes?

QR codes are a low-cost addition to your fundraising toolkit. They can be an engaging, app-free way to collect vital funds and connect with your donors anywhere at any time – even when fundraisers can’t be there in person.

Whether you use them online or in the physical world, your QR codes and mobile friendly landing pages create opportunities to engage new and existing donors wherever you put them. No matter the circumstance. 

To have full control over your QR codes it’s important to select the right QR code provider. You want to be able to edit the digital experience your QR code leads to whenever you need to. Not all QR code providers allow you to respond in real-time and adapt your messaging to change like Thyngs. 

Collect support whilst you’re on call

You also need control of the experience once donors scan your QR code. The Thyngs platform is designed to minimise friction and increase conversion rates. A frictionless tap-to-donate customer journey, without needing to scroll.   

QR codes bring digital diversity to your fundraising toolkit, reducing reliance on traditional fundraising. You can put them on anything, offline and online. With QR codes you are ready for anything.

Why do I need QR codes for digital?

It’s easy to see the benefits of QR codes in the physical world. But did you know that you can also use them to fundraise online? You can use QR codes in email signatures, email campaigns, websites, social media and more.

They’re a tool that will ensure your parties and events can continue online. Did you see the DKMS Virtual Fundraising Gala 2021?

The regular methods we employed were suddenly obsolete, after being used for years. Thyngs gave us a pathway to fundraise that was bespoke, easy and in line with the virtual alternative that we had to quickly adopt. We wouldn’t do virtual fundraising with anyone else.”

says Heather Lynn, Director of Global Special Events at DKMS.

And if you can’t incorporate a QR code into your online channel, use the unique link instead. Connect the link to your mobile friendly landing pages to your ‘Donate Now’ buttons and more. Read ‘Are you virtual fundraising confident?‘ for more digital QR tips. 

How do I create a QR code for donations?

There are many online QR code generators but typically, you get what you pay for. Most free QR generators won’t give you the data you need to track your campaigns and better understand your donors. You’ll also need to create the mobile friendly landing pages yourself.

If you need multiple QR codes you need a trusted platform that helps you manage and track them all in one place. This will strengthen your fundraising strategy. 

With the Thyngs Cashless Platform, standard donation templates make it easy for you to get started out-of-the-box. You will be able to create as many codes and digital experiences as you need. This is your secure, safe and sustainable fundraising solution. 

Other benefits include:

  • Real-time data & reports
  • Marketing opt-in & Gift Aid 
  • Branded & personalised experiences 
  • Individual Fundraising
  • Controlled user journey

Thyngs easy template experiences

Fundraising tips using QR codes

When it comes to fundraising using QR codes you need to learn the basics before releasing them into the world. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Create separate codes for each donation experience so that you can drive individual campaigns, personalise per branch and track in-depth data.
  • Your QR code will always need simple instructions by them. Not everyone will know how to interact with them.
  • Sign-up to a service with real-time analytics to strengthen donor relationships, increase loyalty, and improve your campaigns.
  • Always include the unique url in your online posts. Supporters reading your post on their phone won’t be able to scan the code. You won’t miss out on support, engagement and new donors this way. 
  • Encourage your team to share your QR codes with unique url on their social media for wider distribution.

Most of all, be consistent and gentle when educating your team and fundraisers on the value of your new digital tools. Successful cashless fundraising takes a team effort. Get in touch if you need help up-skilling your team.

Creative fundraising ideas using QR codes

  • Interactive corporate Zoom backgrounds
  • Engaging social media campaigns
  • Online auctions and adoptions
  • Interactive flyers
  • Innovative Christmas cards
  • Branded selfie experiences
  • Virtual fundraising quizzes
  • Branded lifetime merchandise

Charities embrace touch-free donor experiences

Change isn’t easy, but you need diverse solutions behind your belt that will ensure your fundraising survives anything. QR codes are the easiest option for you to respond to changes, without a fuss and at-scale. They help you engage with supporters in new ways and new places, and will let nothing stop you again. 

Get by with a little help from your cashless friends

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