Claim your charity’s Good Thyngs fundraising QR code

Claim your charity’s Good Thyngs fundraising QR code

Good Thyngs allows registered charities to take instant donations from supporters by scanning a QR code or tapping an NFC touch-point with their smartphone.

Good Thyngs gives any charity, regardless of size, a low-risk way of accepting Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal donations with Gift Aid whilst keeping the user journey on brand.

It also gives charities the valuable opportunity to say more about the organisation or fundraising campaign by including a prompt message, charity video in the header or creating digital experiences beyond donation pages.

To access these charity experiences, all a donor has to do is scan a QR code or engage with an NFC touch-point.

When a donation is received, a 2.5% fee is automatically deducted along with the payment processing charges applied by the payment provider. This means that a £10 donation eligible for Gift Aid will result in a net amount to the charity of around £11.90, after Gift Aid is reclaimed.

Official representatives of eligible charities can sign up by following these steps:

  1. Visit to sign up
  2. Search for the charitable organisation by name or registered charity number and accept the Good Thyngs Terms & Conditions on behalf of the organisation
  3. Provide contact and charity details for the account and personalise the donation page
  4. Connect (or create) the charity’s Stripe or PayPal account
  5. Download the charity’s unique Good Thyngs code

The Good Thyngs code can then be added to any fundraising materials, from collection boxes and volunteer badges to posters, social media posts and mail shots. They can even be put on shop windows, included in supporter packs, wristbands and more – turning them into instant mobile donation points.

Here are more places you can use fundraising QR codes for your online and offline materials.

More information about Good Thyngs can be found at