Supercharge your fundraising in 2021 Webinar

Supercharge your fundraising in 2021 Webinar

Many more Macmillan supporters used cashless technology in 2020, and the figures will keep growing

With Good Thyngs, you can fundraise even if you can’t be there in person. Thanks to NHS Track & Trace, QR codes have gone mainstream. This enabled Macmillan to create a successful Coffee Morning campaign despite the challenges of a pandemic. 

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Macmillan is an inspiration for charities big and small

Since 2019 they’ve worked with Good Thyngs to engage donors in new and innovative ways. Since running a cashless fundraising pilot in 2019, Macmillan have gained valuable insight that has enabled them to better understand their donors. 

“Charities must have everything in their toolkit so that they’re able to engage and connect with donors in a way that donors want to be engaged with. It’s so much more than being able to accept Apple Pay, it’s about levelling the playing fields.” – Laura Fox Newby, Managing Director at Good Thyngs

Charities with the platform have been able to see the importance of a cashless donation alternative in their fundraising toolkit. 

“Whether you hosted virtually or in social distance, you had your fundraising QR code and URL link. In the physical fundraising packs, hosts received a sticker sheet with their QR codes. These were to be used on posters, takeaway cakes, coffee flasks and more. It was also important to remind hosts of this new way of fundraising with regular communications.”  – Androula Papaiacovou, Contactless Income Manager at MacMillan Cancer Support

Despite the uncertainty of 2020, particularly for events, Macmillan worked with Good Thyngs and The Sourcing Team to prepare for any scenario. Famously, nothing was going to stop them.

The cashless platform is able to quickly adapt to change. With a team thinking outside of the box, hosts were given the invaluable opportunity to fundraise virtually, or in-distance.

“Being able to track everything gave key learnings that enabled Macmillan to get bigger and better. Macmillan were able to use the data to better understand their donors and improve moving forward.” – Laura Fox Newby

Do more Good Thyngs

Innovative fundraising doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Nor does it require particular skills. Get in touch with Good Thyngs to supercharge your fundraising for 2021.

Even though another lockdown was on the way, the campaign was still a huge success. In fact,

75,000 donors helped generate £1.4 million in cashless donations, equating to 17% of all Macmillan WBCM donations for 2020.

Read the 5 takeouts from the Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning blog. Use the research to your advantage and engage your donors in new ways for 2021.

A pilot is great for cashless first-timers

“It doesn’t matter what size charity you are, it’s about starting something, trying an innovative idea out, and jumping on the journey. Once you’ve done it for the first time you learn from it, because you have the data and analytics to learn from. Test, learn, develop.” – Gill Thorpe, CEO at The Sourcing Team