Meet Anna: the newest member of the Thyngs team

Meet Anna: the newest member of the Thyngs team

This Autumn, the Thyngs team got a little bigger. We now have our first full-time project manager, Anna! We’ve had some of our biggest projects so far, and we wouldn’t have got them off the ground without her.

Here’s a bit about her, and how she feels about working at Thyngs…

I did my Bachelors degree in Germany, where I am originally from. My course was called Baltic Management Studies. It was basically international management/business management, with a focus on the Baltic states, Scandinavia and Russia. It was a really interesting course and university. It was super tiny, a bit like school. There were just 25-30 people on my course which made it really easy to work in groups for projects. That was always my favourite part of university, the people and planning projects together.

During my mandatory internship as part of my undergraduate, I came to Norwich in 2013 and worked in an engineering office for six months. In September last year, I moved over to Norwich and started my Masters in Business Management at the UEA. 

In my free time, my partner and I like to cook for and with people, we cook every night after work from scratch. To relax, I like to sit down with a nice book. When I have time off, I love to travel to rather adventurous places. Last stop was a jeep tour through Tanzania, next destination planned is Peru or a road trip around Iceland.

Before coming to Thyngs, I worked for two of the biggest companies in the world during university, which was lovely and a great experience. However, I felt like I was just one little fish in the big ocean. During my internship in Norwich in 2013,  I realised that I prefer working in the environment of a much smaller company. Being able to have access to the people around you in the office, talking to your colleagues and supervisors directly is so much nicer.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I started at Thyngs, but it has definitely exceeded my expectations.  

I was involved with everything from day one, and got loads of responsibility. A great example is the last big project with RBL, RBS and Worldpay, which I project managed.  It is not just the company itself that is amazing to work for, it is also the environment we work in. And of course the lovely people I work with, make this job even better!

Every day at Thyngs is exciting. When I get to work I turn on my computer and make a tea. Then I sit down and start answering and writing emails, while I am doing this, there are always more things coming up that I have to take care of and add to my to-do list.  There is always something exciting going on, with meetings and conference phone calls that mix up my day. Before I go home I update my to-do list and see what is going on tomorrow. Every day is different and you never know when we get another enquiry for the next exciting project.

At school and at the beginning of uni I always wanted to work for the big global players, then I worked for them and realised it’s maybe not the way I want to go. My parents own a small family business and I always thought it was boring only doing local and regional projects. However, while working at Thyngs I realised if you wanna make a difference, you better start small and take care of your surroundings, then go from there.