QR vs NFC: Which to choose?

QR vs NFC: Which to choose?

QR codes and NFC are two types of proximity technology which can interact with mobile phones. This means that when a phone comes within range of an enabled item, the user is able to quickly receive relevant information.  

The main difference between QR and NFC is how the device is triggered. QR codes have to be activated by a user scanning an image (the code) with a Camera App. NFC works just tapping on the item (just like contactless Apple Pay) without the user doing anything on the phone itself.

Here are some ways that QR codes and NFC can be used in fundraising:

A chart of artwork showing the difference between QR and NFC

The great thing is that, if you use the Thyngs platform, you don’t have to settle on one technology over the other. The platform means you can create and manage as many QR codes, NFC links (or combination of both) and unique URLs as you need.

Both QR code scanning and NFC are built into most smartphones. Phones running iOS 11 or Android 9 and newer can scan QR codes without an app, just use the standard camera. All smartphones have NFC capability provided it’s switched on. All iPhones XS and newer interact with NFC out-of-the-box and it’s always switched on.