Why Military Charity RNRMC says “just go for it” with digital fundraising

Why Military Charity RNRMC says “just go for it” with digital fundraising

Before adopting the Good Thyngs digital fundraising platform, all of The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity’s fundraising was carried out via traditional channels. Naturally, they had reservations about convincing the team to adopt digital fundraising. But once they were shown all the ways in which they could use Good Thyngs to engage donors, they were eager to get started.

“Our ethos was, what can we lose in this?” says Jo Miles, Individual Giving & Future Gifts Fundraiser, RNRMC. “As soon as we realised the functionality, how we could report on it, and how we could make sure our data is all up to date, the platform was a no-brainer for us.”

Jo’s advice to other charities on the cusp of trying digital fundraising for the first time is to “just go for it”. She adds: “If people are willing to embrace this cashless fundraising, as they should be, then they need to try new things, and try and develop on what they’ve got at the moment. What’s the harm in trying?

Reduced workload, more fundraising insight

RNRMC is unique in that it has both actively serving and civilian audiences. By using Good Thyngs to build and manage experiences they were able to reach both audiences while reducing workload.

“Anyone can make a QR code, but it’s not about that for us,” says Jo. “It’s about the back end of things. It’s about being able to create unique QR codes for ALL of our fundraisers, so we are able to acknowledge the exact amount they’ve raised.”

Since coming on board with Thyngs in 2020, RNRMC has proactively experimented with the platform’s features and physical to digital multimedia opportunities.

Stand Easy

RNRMC’s Stand Easy coffee morning was initially going to be a physical event in June. But due to the uncertainties, they turned this into a flexible event that could be hosted in-person or virtually.

With Good Thyngs, RNRMC were able to create personalised hosting packs. These included self-assembly donation boxes and sheets of QR code stickers assigned to each host. This meant, people could donate with or without cash.

The event also went beyond collecting donations. RNRMC used the platform to build additional activities to drive engagement. There was a raffle and a selfie experience for promoting Stand Easy on social media and encouraging conversation about mental health.

The event is scheduled to run for a month starting June 21st, but the virtual nature of the activities means that people can also participate and donate afterwards.

Streamlined sign-ups

Using Good Thyngs templates, RNRMC created an easy sign-up process for two initiatives: payroll registration and will writing. Both processes have been drastically streamlined for efficiency and can be completed quickly without paperwork needing to circulate to multiple places.

Through the navy, everyone can sign up to payroll giving, where a small portion of each member’s wages go into a collective fund. Before the pandemic, payroll giving was promoted in person by a community fundraiser.

In 2020 RNRMC needed to find an at distance way to enroll more supporters. They created a form on the platform, which was linked to physical posters. These posters could be placed anywhere, and supporters could sign up to the service by scanning the QR code.

Will writing registration is a new project made possible by the platform. The landing page was developed to make the registration process as simple as possible and is being made accessible via magazine inserts to scan. With its advanced database, Good Thyngs cut out multiple admin factors, bypassing a “visit our website” multi-step manual process with a one-step QR code that goes straight to a registration form.

RNRMC’s willingness to adapt and try out new digital fundraising methods has resulted in exciting new initiatives. And there’s more on the way. If you’ve been inspired, book a demo and we’ll show you what the platform has to offer your charity.

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