Thyngs at the Royal Norfolk Show

Thyngs at the Royal Norfolk Show

Thyngs partnered with several Norfolk charities to help them capture the attention of visitors to this year’s Royal Norfolk Show.

Thyngs helped provide the perfect physical/digital interaction to create memorable experiences for visitors to several local charity stands, including YMCA Norfolk, The Big C, and Nelson’s Journey.

Each of the charities used Thyngs to create a unique and exciting digital interaction. Children’s bereavement charity, Nelson’s Journey, created an interactive teddy bear, Nelly. When tapped, Nelly sent facts about Nelson’s journey to the user’s smartphone.

YMCA Norfolk used Thyngs to create an interactive history wall. When users tapped different points of the interactive timeline with their smartphones, it would reveal different content on their phones about the history and work of the YMCA.

Cancer charity, The Big C, used the Thyngs technology to create an interactive lanyard. when tapped, it allowed visitors to interact with a Big C scientist, and ask him questions about cancer and its treatment. It also linked to this cool video about the history of the Big C.

We had an amazing time at the Norfolk Show, and it was incredibly rewarding to see these organisations get as excited about Thyngs as we are! We’d like to say a big thank you to all the charity volunteers who supported and demonstrated the tech to visitors – we couldn’t have done it without you!