Thyngs charity client to benefit from Royal Wedding donations

Thyngs charity client to benefit from Royal Wedding donations

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they would like anyone wishing to mark the occasion of their wedding consider making a donation to charity rather than sending a wedding gift. Thyngs is delighted that one of our clients, Scotty’s Little Soldiers, has been chosen as one of the seven charitable organisations personally selected by the couple. We caught up with Scotty’s chief executive Stuart Robinson to find out a bit more about the charity and how they’re using our cashless donation solutions.

Tell us a bit about Scotty’s Little Soldiers

Our charity provides support to children and young people who have lost a parent through their service with the British Armed Forces. It was founded by Nikki Scott in 2010 after her husband Corporal Lee Scott was killed in Afghanistan and she saw the impact on a child of losing a parent first hand. Today, Scotty’s supports hundreds of bereaved Forces children across the UK with lots of fun-based activities, development grants and by providing access to professional bereavement counselling. It’s our mission to #HelpTheirChildrenSmile.

How did you find out about Thyngs? 

We saw the Good Thyngs announcement in an industry article which featured some of the work you had done with other charities. For smaller charities like ours cutting edge technology is often beyond our financial reach so we were instantly interested in hearing more about the options available to us.

Now you’ve got your free Good Thyngs code, how else are you planning on using it?

We’re just getting started really as the applications for Good Thyngs are almost limitless. We’ve already started including our code on printed materials such as posters and display banners, and over the summer we will be involved in lots of outdoor events so we are planning how best to make use of the technology at those. It’s such a useful way to get further engagement with supporters, not just for additional fundraising but also to drive social media interactions, database sign-ups, and traffic to our website.

How has Good Thyngs helped Scotty’s Little Soldiers?

Good Thyngs has given us access to technology we thought would be beyond our reach financially, and for free! We now have the means to take advantage of new mobile payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay which were previously unavailable to us. After we signed up, the team were happy to help us explore options to take even more advantage of their solutions and ensure we fully understood what the platform is capable of.

How did you find the sign-up process? 

The initial sign-up process was beyond simple and we were up and running in minutes. Even setting up a new payment account with Stripe was simple and integrated within the sign-up process. It’s easy to get up and running but there is so much more that can be done once you being to explore the capabilities.

What can we change to make things even better for you?

Initially we saw the mobile donation opportunity as the main benefit but having explored the capabilities in more detail we’re really excited about some of the other engagement tools on offer and in development. We particularly like the ‘selfie’ application which we think will be really fun at events and a great way to get supporters sharing the charity with their friends and family. We can’t wait for more tools like this to become available.

We’re delighted for Nikki, Stuart and the team at Scotty’s that they’ve been selected by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to benefit from their wedding donations, and look forward to helping them use our cashless donation solutions to full advantage. Registered charities can sign up to Good Thyngs here.