Thyngs taps Jamie Conyngham to target Asian market

Thyngs taps Jamie Conyngham to target Asian market

Proximity payments company Thyngs is looking to expand its services into Australia and the Asian market by securing the expertise of Sydney-based Jamie Conyngham.

Jamie is joining the board of Thyngs, thanks to his knowledge gleaned as an innovation expert, tech entrepreneur and start-up CEO. Among other positions, he has been CEO and co-founder of near-field communication (NFC) adtech platform Tapit; location-based mobile ad platform Airmarket; global multiplayer network Dojo Media; and mobile game distributor and publisher Telcogames.

Across his various roles, Jamie has executed transactions with major players including Google, Samsung, Woolworths, Coca Cola, and Johnson & Johnson. He also achieved 11 world media firsts with NFC technology while at Tapit, growing it into the leading mobile internet of things marketing company using NFC globally.

Thyngs’ innovative NFC-based technology and its ability to turn any object into a point of sale (POS) is what makes the UK-based company particularly exciting for Jamie. Thyngs technology can change any physical item into a contactless payment point, letting customers buy a sofa by simply tapping their smartphone on a showroom label, for example. Consumers can also check whether an item is in-stock, buy a gift card quickly and easily, or set up a subscription by simply scanning a magazine. The opportunities are endless.

Being based in Sydney, Jamie is also in the perfect position to help Thyngs expand into the Asian market. Australia is the world leader in contactless payments, with 325.4 million transactions made last year alone, up from 258.6 million in 2016, according to Westpac figures and statistics from Visa. Meanwhile, Asia is steaming ahead with contactless and QR payments, with China the world’s largest and fastest-growing market for mobile payments.

Speaking about his new role, Jamie said: “Thyngs NFC technology is exciting as it lets you buy things directly from objects and possibly even saves you from going to the checkout at all. It changes the very nature of contactless payments as you can turn anything into a point of sale, reducing friction and making life easier for the consumer.”

Thyngs CEO Neil Garner said: “We’re really pleased to have Jamie on board and look forward to seeing how his expertise can help Thyngs drive growth into the Australian and Asian markets. We’ve known each other for many years, since the launch of NFC in mobile, and to be able to work together again is a really fantastic opportunity for us both.”

Thyngs uses NFC tags to turn anything physical – from packaging to products – into a contactless payment point. This technology can also be used for a range of other purposes including creative marketing campaigns and innovative customer service schemes. To find out more, visit the Thyngs website.