How to host your own hybrid fundraising events

How to host your own hybrid fundraising events

What does hybrid fundraising mean?

A hybrid fundraising event is an in-person fundraiser which supporters can also attend virtually. You’re likely more familiar with the concept of hybrid events than you think.   

Did you watch the 2020 Euros this year? Without thinking about it, you were involved in a hybrid event. Supporters could participate in-person or engage in virtual environments like TV or social media. 

When the UK first went into lockdown, many charities moved in-person events into virtual environments. Now that the country is moving back out of restrictions, charities are turning to hybrid events. 

This blending of in-person and virtual environments has enabled charities such as RNLI, Macmillan, and Koestler Arts to reintroduce in-person events. But given the benefits, we expect hybrid events to become a permanent tool for charities in the future. 

 Hybrid fundraising events offer the best of both face-to-face fundraising and virtual events. Face-to-face fundraising is traditional, memorable, and more personal. Digital fundraising like virtual events offer unique experiences, extends reach, and drives data.  

Here’s 8 hybrid event ideas to get you started

1. Outdoor athletic event 

Give supporters the chance to take part at a location or time that suits them. To keep engagement high, provide supporters with digital experiences that enhance the challenge. It might be a digital map, fun selfie, collectable trail, or information page like SSAFA’s 13 Bridge event 2021.  

2. Recreating events at home

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s “In the Dog House” was able to go ahead at the shelter again this year, but giving supporters the ideas and tools to recreate the challenge at home meant more people could participate and have fun. 

3. Garden parties

RNLI’s garden parties are providing hosts with additional tools to fundraise without cash. If someone can’t make a friend’s summer celebration in the backyard, they can still take an event selfie and donate via the host’s fundraising page.  

4.Coffee mornings

Macmillan Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is adaptable to just about any situation. QR codes in the fundraising packs and unique links to the fundraising page for social media means cashless fundraising is possible on a walk, on a call, or over cake.  

5. Exhibitions

Koestler Arts chose to display their art exhibition physically with digital access points to explore and support each work. The collection was available online long after the physical exhibition ended, reaching more than 40,000 supporters. 

6. Live-stream events 

Invite supporters to join you in-person or online for a memorable fundraising event. Distribute interactive fundraising across your physical event and include a QR code on-screen for viewers at home. Connect the codes to mobile friendly experiences to keep the engagement going. Charities like Beatson engaged their virtual audience with an auction, raffle, and a Burns-themed quiz this way. 

7. Collectable trails 

A collectable trail doesn’t have to be limited to those in the location. You could also hide the codes on your website or in a leaflet. Whether the goal of the trail is to showcase landmarks, animals in need, or to have some fun you can reach more supporters by distributing your challenge on multiple channels and locations. 

8. Pet shows 

It’s time for your traditional pet shows to make a return, but with an improvement. Live-stream or record your pet show for audiences to take part in even if they can’t make it in person. Use QR codes on-screen and links in posts so that supporters can donate, vote or find out more. Use the real-time analytic platform to announce results and milestones for an exciting atmosphere. 

Feeling inspired? 

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