Beatson’s First Virtual Burns Night is a Hit

Beatson’s First Virtual Burns Night is a Hit

2021 was to be the 5th annual Burns Night fundraiser held by Beatson Cancer Charity. Each Burns Supper celebrates the life of esteemed Scottish poet Robert Burns, and is different every year. Amid the pandemic, January 2021 marked their first virtual event for Burns Night. 

Hosted at Crossbasket Castle outside Glasgow, “The Bard and His Belles” event streamed live to ticket holders. In a new format on-screen, the Beatson team recreated a Burns supper for hundreds of viewers. Donors enjoyed  traditional celebrations such as an auction, raffle, and a Burns-themed quiz in new, innovative and exciting ways.

Speaking Good Thyngs

“As a charity we approached Good Thyngs as a way to encourage donations through our live events, as well as update our Beatson Buckets and Collection Cans to collect cashless donations during the pandemic. The Good Thyngs platform enabled us to drive crucial donations as well as be creative with our audience through interactive selfies and campaigns. The support from the team has been simply incredible. It’s been a challenging time for everyone but with this team guiding you your campaign will be a success. Thank you to Good Thyngs and all our fabulous supporters. We can’t wait to see what we’ll do next.”
-Charlene Low, Beatson Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser


The Challenge

A Burns supper is an evening for cheer and a celebration of the arts, and Beatson needed to replicate that for its audience at-home. The challenge was to livestream a fundraising event for the first time and keep  engagement high, despite supporters being at home. 

The Unique Benefits

Interactive QR code experiences are an easy and effective way to keep supporters engaged with on-screen events. Beatson presented fun and rewarding experiences for supporters to access using nothing more than a smartphone. All experiences were easy to create and used ready-made templates found on the platform.

Multiple QR codes were presented on-screen for viewers to scan and engage with throughout the night. To keep it interesting, there were multiple experiences for supporters to engage with. They could make a quick donation, enter a raffle, and enter a live auction

Prior to the event, Beatson used the platform to create a bespoke  tartan-themed selfie experience. The QR code was shared on social media platforms to promote the event. An effective way to create online buzz, expand charity awareness, and bring supporters together.

During  the event, host Alison Walker would draw  attention to the QR codes on-screen and explain how to interact with them. Keeping viewers informed, educated and satisfied throughout the event.

Donations, Gift Aid and engagement data was accessible in real-time on the platform. This was an effective way for the auctions and raffles to be monitored during the event. It also gave  the opportunity to announce the amount  raised in periodic stages of the live  event. A good way of increasing support, creating excitement, and thanking donors instantly.

The Unique Benefits

  • A virtual event enables the opportunity to reach a larger audience, as the friction of transport and location is eliminated. Beatson Cancer Charity saw supporters tune in from across the globe. 
  • Good Thyngs QR codes work with all smartphones. This meant that all supporters with a smartphone were able to interact with the experiences presented on-screen. 
  • The solution gave  a simple way for supporters to donate using their trusted mobile wallet or card. 
  • The experiences are mobile-optimised. This meant that supporters were able to access the digital experiences without a fuss and increase conversions. 
  • Rewarding incentives such as raffles helped keep supporters engaged throughout the event.
  • Real-time analytics meant that supporters could be thanked and encouraged both during and after the event. 

The Outstanding Results

  • £15,985 total donations raised online * Including website donations 
  • 100% of Good Thyngs Donations went further with Gift Aid 
  • Average donation £16.39 
  • Selfie experience: 304 interactions