CLIC Sargent Cashless Cancer Fundraiser 2020

CLIC Sargent Cashless Cancer Fundraiser 2020

Cashless Cancer-Fighting Fundraising Raises £30,000

CLIC Sargent engage their cashless donors

CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly to stop cancer destroying young lives. CLIC Sargent came to Thyngs for a flexible, cost-effective, and fast-turning solution to resolve the cash-only barriers they were experiencing. Since then, CLIC Sargent have raised over £30,000 in cashless donations using Thyngs for a variety of fundraising events, Gala dinners, World Cancer Day, door drops and more.

Speaking good thyngs

“We needed a solution that was flexible enough to suit all of our income streams and a supplier we could work with closely to make sure our last-minute fundraising ideas could be put into practice. Thyngs has lots of innovative solutions to ensure we stay ahead of the game.”

Collete Brown, CLIC Sargent

The Challenge

To provide a cashless solution that was cost-effective, easy-to-use, and quick to implement in time for St Nick’s Philanthropy Event.

The Cashless Solution

  • CLIC Sargent use the Thyngs Platform to create engaging digital donation experiences that suit the purpose and aesthetic of each fundraising event and campaign across the year
  • CLIC Sargent use a variety of Thyngs hardware to transform fundraising assets such as volunteer lanyards, wristbands and posters into instant donation points
  • Donors engage with the charity on-the-go using the easy 3-step donation process, complete in 20 seconds
  • CLIC Sargent are able to track each event and fundraising campaign for ultimate success

The Outstanding Results

  • 2,000 % ROI
  • Raised £14.5K at St Nick’s Philanthropy Event in cashless alone
  • 58% Conversion
  • 40% Of donors attached Gift Aid
  • £34 Average donation
  • Raised more than £30,000 additional donations with cashless
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