Macmillan’s 2019 Coffee Morning

Macmillan’s 2019 Coffee Morning

Friendly Fundraising with a Side of Cake: Macmillan’s Coffee Morning Success

No Cash? No Problem

Since 1990, Macmillan’s coffee mornings have raised over £275m towards helping millions of people living with cancer. With the growth in cashless transactions and the growing number of people using no or little cash, Macmillan want to give supporters the added option of donating via an alternative route to cash at their Coffee Mornings. In partnership with The Sourcing Team, Thyngs Cashless Donation Platform was used to amplify, track, and effortlessly transform Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning in 2019.

Speaking good thyngs

“Working with The Sourcing Team and Thyngs, who understand the importance of offering cashless giving and the opportunities this technology presents, will help us reach more people and make this year’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning a huge success.”

Abby Solomon, The Sourcing Team

“This innovative technology should help Macmillan build on their hugely successful coffee mornings and open out the cashless giving opportunity to increase overall donations.”

-Gill Thorpe, CEO at The Sourcing Team

The Challenge

To provide an easy-to-use, viable and cost-effective route to add to existing coffee morning fundraising kits that was also simple to set-up in a large variety of locations such as offices, schools, out in the community and homes.

The Cashless Solution

  • Macmillan created an engaging and unique mobile experience for fundraisers to personalise and donors to feel connected
  • Thyngs enabled the cardboard collection boxes to become unique cashless donation points
  • Macmillan sent out the flat pack fundraising kits across the country
  • Fundraisers setup the cashless box and personalised the experience in 1 tap
  • Donors used the easy 3-step donation process, complete in 20 seconds
  • Macmillan were able to track each fundraiser across the country to record donor engagement, campaign success and send personalised thank you notes

Macmillan included instructional content on their fundraising boxes and packs to ensure both fundraisers and donors understood how to engage and donate. Read more about the event on our blog, here.

The Outstanding Results

  • 513% ROI
  • 53% of donors attached Gift Aid
  •  £190,000 aprox. additional donations made by including cashless