Daffodil Day Goes Digital!

Daffodil Day Goes Digital!

Cancer Society, ANZ, TBWA/NZ and Good Thyngs partnered for a second year to enable cashless donations for the charity’s ‘Daffodil Day campaignDespite fundraising challenges and a last-minute lockdown for Aukland, people of NZ came together in new and powerful ways. With a cashless and touch-free Digital Daffodil strategy prepared, donors were able to support the campaign safely. ANZ pledged to match public donations made using Digital Daffodils up to the value of $500,000 

The Digital Daffodil Solution

The Digital Daffodils have bloomed, following the success of 2019’s Smart Daffodil campaign, when wearable daffodil pins were able to take donationsIn 2020, every daffodil deployed would be a donation point. Printable Digital Daffodils were uniquely designed and made interactive with QR codes. They were deployed as posters, banners, website links and more. People of NZ were encouraged to download the posters to help collect crucial funds during lockdown.  

People were encouraged to download a digital daffodil with a QR code

Speaking Good Thyngs

“2020 has been a tough year for charities so by using our media as donation touchpoints we are able to get the daffodil in front of as many people as possible. When we launched the Smart Daffodil last year, we wanted to disrupt fundraising. We did this by turning every pin wearing Daffodil Day donor into a fundraiser. Fast forward a year and the idea of scanning QR codes on a daily basis is now highly adopted. We hope this means that by getting our Digital Daffodils placed all over Auckland we can help raise even more money this year.”  
TBWA\NZ Chief Creative Officer Shane Bradnick 


A Cashless Experience 

  • A unique and branded donation experience was built using the platform’s existing donation template.  
  • Donors were given flexible donation options and able to donate in seconds.

The Unique Benefits

  • The bespoke daffodil posters were made printable for supporters to distribute in their local area.  
  • The QR code daffodils are able to collect instant donations. Lockdown and the ANZ pledge helped the distribution of the Digital Daffodils and call for support.  
  • Using the Cashless Platform, ANZ were able to see where the donations were coming from in granular detail. Giving them the opportunity to better understand their donors and the unique environment, and what can be improved or prepared for in 2021.  

The Outstanding Results

  • +1063% rise in donations from 2019
  • 37% digital daffodil QR conversion rate