Dorothy House Hospice Engages Donors in Lockdown

Dorothy House Hospice Engages Donors in Lockdown

Dorothy House Gets Elfie for Christmas 2020

Harnessing the pre-Christmas desire to ‘get fit and elfie’, the charity engaged supporters in new ways that worked in-distance. Those in Bath dug out their jingle bells, strapped on their trainers and got “Elfie” for Christmas 2020.  

After donating and obtaining a virtual map during sign-up, participants raced around Bath on a 10K adventure to collect characters and earn points. Donors who raised more than £200 received a ‘Get Elfie Hoodie’. 

For the incentive to work safely, participants were able to start the trail at any time and each character was placed 1K apart from one another. All a participant needed was a map, suitable shoes and a phone to scan QR codes. 

Speaking good thyngs

“We were delighted with the help we received from Good Thyngs, the use of QR codes as interaction points enabled us to deliver a safe and very well received activity this Christmas that would otherwise have had to be cancelled. We will be exploring how to continue to use this technology into the future for other activities and I encourage others to do the same.”
Don Kennedy, Dorothy House Head of Corporate, Community and Events 

The Challenge

To engage Dorothy House supporters in new and exciting ways, whilst keeping to Covid-19 rules and restrictions that were subject to change.  

The Cashless Solution 

Dorothy House Hospice combined a digital treasure hunt with the real world. Using the cashless platform, the charity worked closely with Good Thyngs to build a digital user journey that would keep donors engaged with the event. 

Using existing digital templatesthey made the collectable experience their own. Each character presented facts and motivation on the walk or run. With each character collected, there was a chance to take a unique selfie with the character itself. This meant that donors could take 10 individual selfies along the way, with sharing to social media made easy. 

The digital trail was brought to life in Bath’s physical world. QR enabled stickers were placed on storefront windows every 1K. These were recognised as Dorothy’s friends. Without an app, donors were able to scan the stickers at distance using nothing more than their smartphone. Each QR code was unique. This meant that 10 individual stamps could be collected on the same smartphone.  

The Unique Benefits

  • mobile-optimised collectable trail enabled the opportunity for the charity to engage donors whilst taking advantage of the exercise guidelines.  
  • Compared to a standard virtual run campaign, the collectable trail experience allowed donors to better engage with the charity. The solution was memorable, fun, and its reward encouraged participants to complete the 10K distance.  
  • It’s branded ‘Take an Elfie’ feature helped the charity create a social buzz online. It’s a great way to spread awareness of the charity and campaign, and to reach those staying at-home. 

The Outstanding Results

The real-time analytics on the platform meant that Dorothy House Hospice could watch the collectable results come in. Granular data gave the charity the unique opportunity to better understand the event. For example, they were able to establish the engagement levels across the 10K locations, including conversion rates.   

  • 100% conversion rate – WOW!  
  • 330 unique smartphones scanned to collect all 10 of Dorothy’s friends 

The innovative incentive remains inspirational. Collectable trails are an example of how charities can engage donors using the outdoors, whilst keeping to the exercise rules. Dorothy House Hospice are hoping more charities use the rules of outdoors to engage their donors safely, improving both physical and mental health