Engaging visitors to The Royal Norfolk Show

Engaging visitors to The Royal Norfolk Show

Client: Various

Charities use NFC technology to engage show visitors

The Royal Norfolk Show is the UK’s largest 2-day country show, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over the UK. Thyngs partnered with three large charities – Big C, Nelson’s Journey, and YMCA – to create a unique and engaging visitor experience.

Children’s bereavement charity Nelson’s Journey embedded our technology into a cuddly bear, Nelly. When tapped with a smartphone, Nelly sent facts about the charity straight to the user’s screen.

YMCA created an interactive history wall in the form of a timeline. By tapping different points on the wall with a smartphone contextually-aware content explaining the history and work of the organisation was displayed to the user.

Cancer charity Big C used our technology to bring their lanyards to life. By tapping it with a smartphone, visitors could interact directly with an oncologist, and ask questions about cancer and its treatment.