DKMS Annual Fundraising Gala Goes Cashless

DKMS Annual Fundraising Gala Goes Cashless

DKMS Fundraising Gala raise an additional £37,000 using Thyngs

DKMS engage their cashless donors

DKMS is the world’s largest stem cell donor register and continues to work tirelessly to provide as many blood cancer patients as possible. In a world where attention spans have been taken to the internet, DKMS approached Thyngs to increase donor engagement and cashless fundraising at the biggest DKMS Fundraising Gala of the year, The Big Love Gala 2019. 

Speaking good thyngs

” It was important for us to provide a seamless cashless donation experience for our guests that was easy-to-use, hassle-free to access, and both simple and secure for donors to pay by touch. We simply love Thyngs because of its real-time, unique customer interface and easy to manage reporting platform.

Stephanie Michaux, Fundraising Officer at DKMS 

The Challenge

To provide an easy-to-use digital payment solution for guests to donate without hassle or the need for cash, without expensive integration or hardware.  Cash was restricting the amount their donors were able to donate and support the charity. Therefore, DKMS needed an engaging digital solution that gave donors the flexibility to donate exactly what they desired.

The Cashless Solution

  • DKMS created a personalised, engaging and unique mobile experience for donors
  • Thyngs enabled each table centrepiece to become cashless donation points
  • Donors used the easy 3-step donation process complete in 20 seconds
  • DKMS measured donations, Gift Aid attachment and unique insight in real-time

DKMS distributed QR codes with clear ‘how to donate’ instructions on table centrepieces for donors to understand and engage with. Read about how to create a powerful call to action to drive results, here.

The Outstanding Results

  • 64% Conversion 
  • 51% of donors attached Gift Aid  
  • £865 Average donation 
  • Raised more than £37,000 additional donations with cashless
Guests donate to DKMS within arm's reach
DKMS Big Love Gala 2019