Koestler Arts Wows Supporters with its Physical to Digital Exhibition

Koestler Arts Wows Supporters with its Physical to Digital Exhibition

Koestler Arts is driven by the belief that creative opportunities can provide a springboard for positive change amongst people in secure settings. The charity approached Good Thyngs to deliver a virtual element for their annual exhibition that would generate meaningful feedback for their artists and offer insights and information to visitors. They aimed to engage supporters better at the social-distanced exhibition, as well as reach those at home.  

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The platform was intuitive and easy to use, and the Good Thyngs team worked hard to make sure it had the functionality we were looking for. For us, one of the most useful features was being able to assess how people were using the platform and engaging with the exhibition, particularly as this was quite a different project for us and our project partners. 
 Mali Clements, Development Director 

Credit James Gifford-Mead Photography

The Challenge

To deliver an easy and innovative solution that will increase physical engagement with a social-distanced event, as well as prepare for its first virtual exhibition. Despite a pandemic, the charity worked hard to ensure their artists felt supported and celebrated. Gathering feedback that was easy to manage was an important part of this.  

Credit James Gifford-Mead Photography

The Cashless Solution


The charity worked with Good Thyngs to deliver a bespoke virtual exhibition experience. For the experience to replicate important features of the annual physical event, the charity plugged-in multiple features using platform templates.   


The artworks were grouped in the physical exhibition, and every artwork group was accompanied by a unique QR code that linked straight to the artworks in front of them. Additionally, attendees could scroll through the experience and follow the trail in order. Online, visual artwork was shared alongside unique URL links for viewers to click and interact with the work    


Attendees were able to view individual artworks and find out more about them. Additionally, they could submit instant feedback with the option to opt-in to marketing, purchase artwork, and make a donation.  


The platform gave Koestler Arts in-depth data and insight into the engagement of their event, both in-person and online. They saw 4,829 attendees connect with the digital exhibition 41,387 times. Feedback of individual art pieces was collected and made downloadable as a report


demonstration of the Koestler Arts feedback form screen

The Outstanding Results

4,829 individuals connected virtually 

Exhibition was engaged with  41,387 times  

338 form submissions  

11% chose to opt-in