RAF Museum’s Virtual Christmas Trail

RAF Museum’s Virtual Christmas Trail

In 2020, the RAF Museum hosted a variety of fun initiatives to fundraise, engage their visitors, and make gifts stand outThe variety of innovative ideas meant that donors could fundraise wherever they are and whatever the government rules. The charity prepared new fundraising incentives so that they had a flow of revenue from multiple streams, all of which they could track in detail on the cashless platform.  

Whilst restrictions lifted and museums were open, The RAF Museum welcomed back donors and their families in a safe but exciting way. To encourage better engagement and exploration within the museum, and to keep children entertained, the charity deployed a ‘Virtual Christmas Trail’. To take part in the trail, all visitors needed was a smartphone that could scan QR codes around the Museum.  

Speaking good thyngs

“The virtual Christmas Trail was the ideal way to offer a Covid-safe activity for the whole family over the Christmas period. It was quick to set up by using the Good Thyngs stamp collection template and easy to track how many visitors took part in the activity. Overall a great way to engage with our visitors during a challenging time.” 

 Ulrike Stuebner, Public Events Manager 

The Challenge

To deploy a touch-free and social distanced event that encouraged donors and their families to visit and engage with the Museums again, whilst keeping to Covid-19 safety measures.  

The Cashless Solution

    • Using the frictionless donation, selfie and collectable templates on the platform, The RAF Museum created an impressive digital experience and user journey unique to them.  
    • Upon arrival, visitors scanned the first QR code and was taken to a landing page that gave them the first clue. Although the trail was free to take part in, the experience also gave visitors options to support and engage with the charity, in a way that suited themFor example, quick access to the Christmas shop, a 3-step donation process, and a spitfire selfie. 
    • Each QR code found was unique. This meant that the festive stamps could be collected, just like a digital loyalty card. When visitors collected all 8 stamps, they were given a digital 10% off code for the Gift ShopThis helped stimulate conversions. 
    • Fun fact: the carol singers took top spot as most collected item on the trail! 
    • At the time, Tier 3 Covid-19 restrictions stopped its second museum from going ahead with the trailHowever, due to the success of the trail in its first venue, both museums plan to roll out another collectable trail soon.

The Outstanding Results

  • 2398 interactions 
  • 589 individual users 
  • 81% collected all stamps 
  • 94% conversion