Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I tap my iPhone on thyngs using NFC?

Apple iPhone 6 and above do include the hardware chip for NFC, but Apple currently only use it to support card payments with Apple Pay. We know tapping thyngs is a fantastically simple experience and we’re hopeful that Apple will open up the capabilities we need soon in a future iOS update.

What’s NFC technology?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It allows two devices to communicate with each other by bringing them close together – or tapping them. Thyngs styckers and other hardware incorporate a little NFC chip to make them easy to interact with. It is as simple as tapping and holding the ‘NFC sweet spot’ on your smartphone against the right place on the call-to-action. NFC is supported by most Android, Windows and Blackberry smartphones.

What are Thyngs?

A Thyng is an everyday object that has been transformed into an Internet of Things enabled device through one of our smart Thyngs Stickers. Anything can be a Thyng – a table, a postcard, a charity bucket.

Can I scan non-thyng QR codes with the Thyngs App?

Yes. You scan any QR code in the Thyngs app, including those that have not been created by Thyngs or our partners. However, we cannot guarantee the quality of the mobile content you receive when interacting with QR codes from third parties. You can also scan normal barcodes on some products with the Thyngs app.

I have disabled notifications, what does this mean?

This means that you will not receive messages on your home screen or in your notifications tab from any thyngs. The messages will still be visible in the ‘messages’ tab in the Thyngs App. For the best possible thyngs experience, we recommend keeping your notifications on. Please go to ‘Thyngs’ in settings to turn it back on.

I have disabled the app from using my camera, how do I turn it back on?

If you turn off the app’s ablity to access the camera, you won’t be able to scan any QR codes. Go to the ‘Thyngs’ page in app settings and ensure camera is ‘on’.

Why does the app want to know my location?

The Thyngs App can send you messages and tailor your experiences based where you are, and how close you are to thyngs. We also use your location in the App’s ‘Nearby’ tab to show you where you’ve interacted with thyngs and what’s nearby. In order to do this, we need to know your location when you are using the app.


The App also uses Bluetooth Beacon technology to notify you with useful relevant information when you go near various thyng locations. We only use your location to show you relevant content for that location from organisation’s whose thyngs you have previously interacted with.

Why I am I being asked to allow Thyngs App to ‘use my location in the background’?

This is what your phone operating system will occasionally ask you, as the App is waiting to get notifications from Bluetooth Beacon enabled thyngs when you go near various locations. It only checks your location when you go near a Thyngs-enabled Bluetooth Beacon and does not monitor your location at other times.

What is the Thyngs App?

The Thyngs App is the easiest way to interact with objects that have been turned into thyngs. Thyngs are made by adding NFC stickers, scannable QR codes, or by incorporating a pynger (which uses Bluetooth Beacon technology) which can send messages to your smartphone when you go near it.

How do thyngs work?

Any object can become a Thyng through the application of one of our special Thyngs stickers. These stickers contain the technology and data that can be read by smartphones and Thyngs manages everting to turn this into a digital interaction when someone interacts with a Thyng.

There are four different types of interaction can can be included on a Thyngs sticker: a QR code for scanning using the camera, a text code which can be typed into, tapping a NFC-capable phone, or going near it. How a user interacts with a Thyng depends on which of these technologies is included in the Thyng and what you phone supports.


What if I have any problems?

For help and support, please contact us via our website, or send an email to We will respond within 24 hours during UK business hours.

How does Thyngs process donations or payments?

We work closely with card payment acquirers, like Barclaycard and Worldpay, who process debit- or credit- card payment on behalf of charitable organisations, and our other partners. The card payment acquirers authorise and settle all card transactions with the card schemes (eg Visa and MasterCard) and card issuer. All card payments are paid directly into our partners’ bank accounts, less the standard card acquiring fees.

What data does Thyngs collect about me?

We only collect data on where and when you interact with a thyng, and what you click on when you interact with each thyng. We do not collect or need to know any personal information about you, apart from your contact details (phone numer and email address) so we can keep in touch. We use the data we collect to provide a better experience for you, and provide information on your interactions to our partners who have created the thyngs experiences you interact with.

All card payments are collected and processed on our partners secure servers and transferred securely to payment processors. Any gift aid information collected for charitable donations is collected and processed on the secure payment server and passed securely to charities receiving donations.

How do I use a Thyng?

Every Thyng has its own online identity. When a user with a smartphone interacts with a Thyng, their phone will instantly connect them with the thyng’s online identity.

There are four different ways of interacting with a Thyng: tapping (using a phone’s NFC technology), scanning (using the camera), typing a code into a webpage and or even going near using Bluetooth Beacon technology.

Different Thyngs may incorporate different technologies, but Thyngs will always make it clear what a user needs to do & our Thyngs app makes it even easier and makes it easy to share your Thyngs interactions with friends.

What’s NFC technology?

NFC stands for near field communication. It allows two devices to communicate with each other by bringing them close together – or tapping them. Thyngs stickers include an NFC sensor that allow them to communicate with smartphones. Unfortunately, Apple phone’s don’t yet support the full capabilities of NFC even through they use NFC for Apple Pay – we expect future Apple phones to work fully with our Thyngs stickers soon!