Fundraising regulations

Fees and charges

Thyngs is a private company which provides charities with a cost-effective way of collecting donations from the public via mobile devices. We deduct a small percentage of each donation to cover the costs of providing this service, which in most cases is covered by Gift Aid income the charity receives from the Government.

Example charges for a £10 donation

Donation:                              £10.00
Gift Aid:                                  £2.50
Platform fee:                        £0.25
Processing fee:                    £0.32*
Total cost to charity:          £0.57
Net donation:                       £11.93
Cost per month:                  nil
Setup costs:                          nil

* Charges levied by third party payment providers, which vary depending on the payment method chosen by the donor. This example shows the charges made by Stripe to process a debit or credit card transaction.

Thyngs does not hold any money on behalf of the charity, so does not accumulate any interest on donations.

Complaints and Refunds

Any complaints regarding our platform should be directed in the first instance to We can only consider and respond to complaints about those elements of the payment experience under our direct control and will aim to do so within 5 working days. If you are unhappy with our response you may contact the Fundraising Regulator for further advice.

Any complaints relating to information about the charity or how your payment is processed will be passed to the relevant party, who may respond to you directly.

Any other complaints concerning specific fundraising appeals or requests for refunds should be directed to the charity using our platform, via the contact links which can be found on your donation receipt.

Fraud Protection

Charities receiving donations via our platform must be registered and in good standing with the relevant Charity Commission in either England and Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland.

The third-party payment processors that we use to process donations each have their own security and fraud protection procedures for organisations using and payments made via their services and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Any accounts reported to or identified by us as fraudulent will be suspended pending further investigation and may be deleted and reported to the relevant third-party payment processors and regulatory authorities.