Creating a dedicated app would have been time-consuming, expensive, and inconvenient for our customers. Instead, we’ve been able to launch this campaign in a matter of weeks – Wasabi UK

Current loyalty programs are all wrong

They’re bulky

Customers either need to download a new app, or collect yet another stamp on another card in their wallet. It’s cumbersome and you’ve no way of tracking progress either.

They’re boring

Your customers have no incentive to use them, one free coffee doesn’t mean anything when the card or app is so bland you forget to use it.

They’re expensive

Getting an app designed, built and approved is a costly, time-consuming expense, with months before you get a system in place.

It doesn’t need to be like this. Why not…

Lightweight and easy

Use the technology already on customers’ phones. No cards. No stamps. No need for an app.

Fast and simple

Get set up in less than a week. With no impact on speed or service it fits seamlessly into the customer experience.

Engaging and trackable

See in real time how stores in different locations perform. It’s an easier rewards platforms for your customers and more actionable data for you.

Where Thyngs fits in

Our consumer engagement platform allows our clients to create, deploy and manage experiences that drive new revenue streams quickly and without headaches. By making it quick, cost-effective and easy for our clients to work with us we’ve taken technology blockers out of the game.

Multiple engagement points

QR codes

QR scanning functionality is built in to smartphone cameras, apps including Chrome, Pinterest, and Twitter, and our free Tap & Scan NFC app and SDK


Consumers earn loyalty points by simply tapping their phone on the collection point

Short URL

For a truly universal solution, we provide short URLs for the small number of users with no NFC or QR capability

How it works

At the heart of all our solutions is a proprietary platform that uses the technologies in every smartphone to connect consumers to mobile-optimised content and commerce direct from physical objects, with in-depth tracking and reporting.

This means you can set up new marketing, payment and loyalty programmes quickly and cost-effectively, whatever the size of your audience. We provide everything you need including ready-made mobile experiences, easy-to-use management tools, and detailed reporting and analytics.

Go app-free

  • Quickly launch app-free loyalty programmes
  • No impact on speed or service
  • Reward your customers
  • Low-friction and low cost

Book a demo today and get started with app-free loyalty, payment and engagement programmes.

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