Off-the-shelf and custom hardware

We supply low-cost NFC stickers that can be applied to objects or hidden behind artwork and battery-powered Bluetooth beacons that can be positioned in or near spaces. Configure their behaviour via our cloud-based system, deploy them, and track user engagement in real-time.

Web management

No software to install, just use our secure, cloud-based online management tools to configure what happens when users tap an NFC tag, scan a QR code, or go near a Bluetooth beacon – then deploy. Every interaction is logged and behaviour can be changed centrally at any time, providing complete visibility and control.

Free Android and iOS consumer app

Need an app, but no development resource? No problem. Our free Tap & Scan NFC app can be used by any Android or iOS user, and can scan QR codes and NFC tags, receive messages from Bluetooth beacons, and discover nearby events and offers.

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Batch configuration and deployment tools

We support the latest proximity hardware, including short URLs, QR codes, NFC tags, and Bluetooth beacons. They can be provisioned individually or in batches for maximum flexibility.

Ready-to-use mobile templates

Ready-made mobile templates can be easily customised online and linked to your hardware. These provide video, social media, contact, stamp card, treasure hunt, scratch card and donation functionality.

Core platform functions

Payment processing

Activate a payment module to allow users to make mobile payments or donations via Apple Pay, PayPal, or debit/credit card (Android Pay and Samsung Pay coming soon).

URL redirection

For complete control, each touchpoint can be linked to any URL anywhere on the internet. This allows existing mobile content and services to be used or new experiences to be created.

In-app messaging

Send messages to everyone who has interacted with your touchpoints via the Tap & Scan NFC app directly from our management console.

QR code & short URL creation

Quickly create QR code and short URL ‘virtual’ touchpoints and use them on your materials immediately, or in conjunction with NFC and beacon physical touchpoints.

Beacon messaging & tracking

Automatically send messages to smartphones via the free Tap & Scan NFC app when people enter, exit or dwell near beacons at your locations, shops, event stands, or venues.

APIs, webhooks and SDKs

For those who want ultimate flexibility, we provide APIs, webhooks and a mobile SDK that can be used to create completely new products and services on top of our platform.

Platform customisation

We’re constantly developing our platform to meet the needs of our customers, and release extensions to provide additional functionality. For example, registered charities can activate our Gift Aid extension which allows an extra 25% of any donations they receive through our platform to be reclaimed from HMRC.