Contactless donation points support vital fundraising

Contactless donation points support vital fundraising

Air Ambulance Week takes off today celebrating the life-saving work of the UK’s 20 air ambulance charities.

Did you know the Air Ambulance is almost entirely funded by donations?

The theme for Air Ambulance Week 2020 is ‘Because every second counts’. Air ambulance charities bring emergency department care directly to the side of patients who are critically ill and injured.

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance (EHAAT) say it costs around £2,200 per mission. Each year EHAAT makes around 1,500 life-saving missions, yet like the other air ambulance charities they are almost entirely funded by donations.

A fundraising year like no other

This year has brought many challenges for charities like EHAAT. With events cancelled or postponed charities have seen a significant drop in donations. Natasha Robertson, Fundraising Manager at EHAAT, said their fundraising efforts have been hit hard by the pandemic.

“Normally staff and volunteers would be out and about making bucket collections across Essex and Hertfordshire for Air Ambulance Week. This year it has only been possible to arrange a handful of public collections.”

Natasha added: “Over the last few months our critical care teams have continued to provide our life-saving service 24/7. That’s why now, more than ever we need support from the people and businesses of this region.”

EHAAT now taking cashless donations

To support public collections EHAAT have introduced cashless solutions. This year EHAAT supporters can make donations via contactless donation points and an online ‘virtual bucket’, as well as traditional cash buckets.

Thyngs has enabled contactless donation points for EHAAT on collection buckets, window displays, and posters. This is a straight-forward and cost-effective way for EHAAT to maximise donations and engagement with supporters during these challenging times.

You can also get involved with Air Ambulance Week by following:

#AAW2020 #Becauseeverysecondcounts
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