Fundraising for charity in a cashless society

It’s crystal clear that for years we’ve been heading towards a completely cashless society.

Too often, noble causes remain underfunded through the ever-more-common “Sorry, I don’t carry cash,” rejection. In fact, fundraising charities without an answer to the lifestyles of this cashless society are missing out on more than £80 million every year.

Turn anything into a donation point

An effective fundraising strategy in today’s cashless society demands understanding your audience. It’s as important to allow traditional cash donations as it is to bridge the gap between you and your cashless supporters.

We have the solution that ticks all the fundraising boxes and it’s delightfully inexpensive.

Whether you upgrade your existing fundraising tins or get creative by enhancing your charity mascot toy, marathon medals, badges or more, your cashless worries are at an end.

Upgrade your physical fundraising kits

Cashless ✅

Gift Aid ✅

Collect on-the-go ✅

Increase donations

Become cashless champions

Easy-to-use platform ✅

Training ✅

Full control ✅

Real-time Analytics ✅

Get Started Today

With our Good Thyngs solution, your risk-free zero-upfront-cost trial of our cashless digital donations is mere minutes away.


Simple sign up steps
Effortlessly customise your donation experience
Instantly start collecting digital donations with your unique QR code


We provide all you need to get going!

There’s no limit on how long you can use your donation QR code for, but when you’re ready to evolve your cashless donation campaign and upgrade to NFC, we’re here to help.

Are you a charity?

Are you a church?

Watch for inspiration – we told you it was easy!

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Boost those dwindling donations and open up a world of fundraising options that cannot be beaten.

What is Near Field Communication?

Near Field Communication, commonly called NFC, is in your everyday lives.

It’s how you pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Smartphones have the inbuilt ability to read NFC, though NFC on Android has been readily available longer than NFC for iPhones (which is fully available for XS/QR models and newer, but can be used on older models using dedicated apps).

In a cashless society, NFC is the most secure, suitable and affordable means to collect digital donations for any cause, and a solution like Thyngs’ involves no time-consuming app download to make it work.

With NFC, your supporters are just a few taps away from pledging their donations.

Are contactless donations viable?

‘Contactless’ tech uses similar convenience principles to cashless, allowing swift payments or donations with the tap of your card, but they require huge initial outlays to get off the ground.

These outlays are only the beginning – the ongoing maintenance of contactless readers is a recurring nightmare you’ll be lucky to avoid.

Digital donations using mobile wallets is the present and the future of our cashless society, aligned with the progression of commerce, and the only path we recommend.

Are you a charity?

Are you a church?

Thyngs' technology allows Angal to pioneer a safe and secure way for our clients to accept cashless donations. Supporters simply scan or tap their mobile phones on our collection boxes and can donate in less than 15 seconds. Now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Lee WoodfordManaging Director at Angal

The Smart Daffodil has made it possible for Kiwis to become fundraisers while going about their regular business.

Sue McGredorHead of Sponsorship & Corporate Marketing at ANZ Bank

By developing a wearable donation portal, backed by simple cashless payment technology, we are creating an army of fundraisers with more stories to tell and the power to pass it forward.

Shane BradnickChief Creative Officer at TBWA Group

It was important for us to provide a seamless cashless donation experience for our guests that was easy-to-use, hassle-free to access and that could mirror the aesthetic of the evening with simple and secure payment options by touch.

Stephanie MichauxFundraising Officer at DKMS

Movember started as a simple way to raise money and awareness for a good cause, something that anyone can take part in. The contactless badge is the next step. So many of our incredible supporters take part in amazing challenges, and our no-fuss badges take donating to a whole new level.

Owen SharpChief Executive - Movember Foundation


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