Thyngs powers on-the-go mobile payments for retailers and charities

Use our platform to give your consumers and donors a quick and easy way to pay, directly from any physical object

Benefit from the growth in contactless and mobile payments

Issue loyalty points for ‘on-the-go’ payments

Engage customers post-purchase

View conversion data in real time

Turn any physical object into a Tap & Scan™ payment point

Use our mobile-optimised payment pages or link to your own

physical experiences
Streamlined mobile payments

Take on-the-go payments and donations without needing an app or payment terminal. Our three-tap payment experience integrates with Apple Pay, PayPal and credit/debit card wallets (with Android Pay and Samsung Pay in the works).

  • Take cashless payments and donations simply and cost-effectively
  • Turn any object into a Point-of-Sale device
  • No monthly fees, just a small transaction fee per payment
Take payments from products & packaging

Perfect for re-ordering and consumables/supplies. Embed our stickers into labels and tags and use our platform to connect them to our mobile payment system or your own online store.

  • Implement and manage large campaigns quickly and easily
  • Provide detailed information about the provenance of products and supply chain traceability
  • Connect consumers directly to value-added services including warranty and spares, consumables/refills, data capture, and product feedback

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