Campaign Manager Kit


Ideal for local promotional or marketing campaign and longer running events

The campaign manager kit is perfect if you need to set up a more permanent campaign but may need to keep it on the move. Including an assortment of hidden styckers that can be applied to virtually anything, web pages which can be customised digitally to deliver content to your users, and our customisable pyngers which can be set to deliver targeted and exciting content.

  • Low-cost, easy and portable set up for a medium term campaign.
  • Easy decommissioning after the event
  • Simple customisation of mobile web pages
  • Simple to understand analytics to measure success of campaign and keep participants up to date

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This pack includes:

  • 200 Hidden styckers (more available to purchase)
  • 10 beacon pyngers
  • 5 Pre-templated mobile web pages
  • Access to displays of totals / messages
  • Up to 5,000 interactive messages
  • Optional Support for donations and gift aid collection
  • Access to platform and campaign analytics summary


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Bring your ideas to life

Attach a thyng to almost anything, bringing to life everyday mundane objects. By tapping or scanning your thyngs with your phone for the first time, you’ll be able to create brand new content that will appear the next time someone taps or scans your thyng.

Bring to life your promotions and products with review pages, event lineups, restaurant menus, virtually anything that can be viewed with the tap of a phone. Manage and monitor them in real-time using the MyThyngs platform.



Create your own content with the MyThyngs platform, and link it directly to your stycker



Manage your things remotely from MyThyngs. Update your page, or change it altogether



Keep track of every interaction made with your stycker, the ‘who’ the ‘when’ and the ‘where’



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