Interactive Card Pack


Add a splash of colour to your card!

Do you want something a little more fun? These credit card sized cards come in an assortment of different colours to give your card that unique and playful edge.

Keep it in your wallet, purse or ID card holder and use it to promote your business, share your contact details, or link to your social media.

Its a quick and fun way to share your content, with the people you want!

Available in packs of 100, 200, 500 or 1,000 to purchase online, including all set-up fees.


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Keep your digital content in your wallet

Have an online portfolio of your work you would love to share in meetings and interviews? want to share your contact details quickly and seamlessly? There's never been an easier way to keep your online work on hand in a physical way.

Share your Digital Content in a fresh new way

Our credit card sized Interactive Cards are a quick and easy way to link digital content via smartphones. People you meet can either scan (using the unique QR code) or tap (using the embedded NFC chip) to quickly link to your online content. When you receive your pre-configured Interactive Card, you can simply scan or tap it to link it to any of your existing digital content, create your own digital ID card or choose from many other great page templates, with our powerful MyThyngs editing suite.


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Bring your ideas to life

Attach a thyng to almost anything, bringing to life everyday mundane objects. By tapping or scanning your thyngs with your phone for the first time, you’ll be able to create brand new content that will appear the next time someone taps or scans your thyng.

Bring to life your promotions and products with review pages, event lineups, restaurant menus, virtually anything that can be viewed with the tap of a phone. Manage and monitor them in real-time using the MyThyngs platform.



Create your own content with the MyThyngs platform, and link it directly to your stycker



Manage your things remotely from MyThyngs. Update your page, or change it altogether



Keep track of every interaction made with your stycker, the ‘who’ the ‘when’ and the ‘where’



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