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Introducing Good Thyngs

New MD to lead charity services into new era

Our brilliant Laura Fox-Newby has been promoted to Managing Director and Head of Charity for her outstanding work with our charity partners.

"The imprint we've made in the charity sector has been remarkable, especially over the last 12 months where our platform has provided charities of all sizes with the lifeline they needed to survive and thrive.

I am privileged to work with such a passionate, experienced, creative, and hardworking team - which, alongside our platform, is how we'll make a monumental difference in this sector. We are very excited about the future."

Laura Fox-Newby, Managing Director and Head of Charity

Thyngs was founded to support charities as the world became less dependent on cash. During a year where fundraising alternatives were necessary for charities to stay afloat, demand for our services has accelerated.

Laura Fox-Newby, Managing Director and Head of Charity

This is because the Thyngs platform has the complete digital toolkit a charity of any size needs to resume events, open venues and fundraise confidently again. And the digital transformation doesn't require specialist skills or large budgets.

Whether it's virtual fundraising, an in-person event or online engagement, charities on the platform are creating endless opportunities to engage new and existing supporters, wherever they are. It's exciting to see the creativity grow as the pandemic forces charities to think outside of the box.

So... in order to better cater our services to what charities need, we have created our own charity-specific sub-brand of the company. Say hello to "Good Thyngs.”

What does this mean?

We recognise that many charities need dedicated support to help them on this journey. We’ve created a dedicated team under Laura’s leadership to provide this support.

This will be delivered under the official Good Thyngs label. Good Thyngs was an existing charity service on the Thyngs platform, but it’s now been given its own brand, with space to thrive.

Charity customers will continue to benefit from technological advances and new services designed at Thyngs.

When is this happening?

We’re ensuring that this transition will be as smooth as possible, so much so that you won’t notice a difference in user experience.

The new and exciting change will commence on 28 May 2021 and a dedicated website is coming soon. To keep up-to-date with our news for charities, sign up to the Good Thyngs Newsletter.

We’re excited about this designated charity focus, and going forward we can’t wait to see what user creativity will come from Good Thyngs.

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