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Memorable and successful events enable valuable connections, and promote insightful conversations.

The Thyngs Event Solution transforms lanyards or badges into instruments of connection using just a tap or scan from attendees smartphones.

Using the Thyngs event solution enabled us to receive live feedback. We were able to track how effective our member's networking was, which is a huge part of what we do. It was also a great conversation point and led to greater engagement and interaction. To be able to have all of the event information on your phone, without having to download anything was exactly what our members needed.

Esme Caulfield Competitions Lead - Technation

Connecting people together

For Organisers

  • Easy to set up, no app required
  • Eliminate ‘old school’ event brochures – save time, energy and trees
  • Easy to customise, add speakers and modify digital agendas in real-time
  • Live audience interaction – attendees can submit questions and provide feedback during the event through a dedicated secure channel
  • Real-time analytics to inform and improve event dynamics and planning.

For Attendees

  • No app to install
  • Easily capture contact details directly to your phone
  • No need for business cards
  • A novel way to strike up a conversation and make valuable connections
  • Easily access critical event info
  • Submit feedback during the event through a direct, secure channel
  • Eco-friendly – removes the need for bags full of stuff that gets lost or thrown away.

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