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Thyngs links off-the-shelf and custom hardware that supports tap, scan, and nearby technologies to a secure, cloud-based system that provides configuration, content management, real-time analytics – and more.

Our clients and partners can create, deploy and manage proximity-based services easily, without the cost of building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Brands and businesses
Run large-scale proximity marketing campaigns that raise awareness, engage audiences, and drive action across multiple markets, without any specialist skills of expertise.
Enhance your clients’ out-of-home marketing campaigns with a powerful, proven platform that provides real-time interaction and conversion data.
Create and test proximity-based apps and services on top of a platform that scales with your ambitions.
Integrate our platform into your products and services to create new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge.
Thyngs Ecosystem
A complete ecosystem

Key Features

  • Off-the-shelf and custom hardware
  • Web management
  • Free Android and iOS consumer app
  • Batch configuration and deployment tools
  • Real-time interaction data
  • Ready-to-use mobile templates
  • URL redirection
  • Payment processing support
  • Bluetooth beacon messaging and tracking
  • QR code and short URL creation
  • In-app messaging API, webhooks and mobile SDK
  • Platform customisation

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If you need any assistance with devices, prices or resources you can contact us and our team will help find a solution.

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