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We take a platform agnostic approach to the technologies we support, ensuring interoperability between every possible interaction method and mobile operating system.

This provides the simplicity and flexibility our clients and partners need to ensure maximum impact, whether using the native functions of each device, or our own free Tap & Scan NFC app.

QR Codes
Use the QR scanning functionality built in to smartphone cameras, popular mobile apps such as Chrome, Pinterest, and Twitter, or our free Tap & Scan NFC app and SDK, to instantly connect physical objects to digital content and services.
NFC Tags
Connect users with NFC-enabled smartphones to your content with a single tap of their Android/Windows Mobile device, without needing an app. Apple iPhone 7 and above devices running iOS 11 can also tap NFC tags using the free Tap & Scan NFC app/SDK.
Send proximity engagement messages to nearby smartphones or track footfall via our battery-powered BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons.
Short URLs
For a truly universal solution, we also provide short URLs for those smartphones without any NFC, QR or Bluetooth capability.

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