Transform your offline marketing and measure it digitally

It doesn’t take much to turn an everyday, physical object into a thyng – it’s as easy as putting a stycker on it! Interacting with a thyng is as simple as tapping, scanning or just passing it. You don’t need to know anything about the technology to use or create a thyng. It’s up to you to do your own thyng…

Donations or Payments

Similar to paying with contactless cards, people can tap your thyng to make a quick mobile payment. Charities can also collect gift aid to ensure they get the most from the donation.

Connecting on social media

A memorable, real world interaction can help build your digital presence. Use your thyngs to make it even easier for customers to connect with you on social media. With just a tap or a scan, you can gain a follower.

Networking and meet ups

Create thyngs-enabled business cards that are as smart as your business. Get all the benefits of face-to-face networking, then seamlessly share contacts to your smartphone from a smart business card, ID badge, or wristband.

Memorable creative content

Use thyngs to create meaningful, memorable brand experiences, and make your business stand out from the crowd. Digital thyngs experiences can show images, play music or video, or create a unique experience tailored to time, location or previous interactions.

Games and treasure hunts

Create a fun interaction game or competition for your customers, based on visiting your locations or interacting with your thyngs. You could even create opportunities for an instant win or entry into a prize draw.

Retail & Customer Loyalty

Create new ways for customers to add thyngs to their wish list or even buy online. Use thyngs interactions in your physical store for a new digital loyalty card, or instantly provide relevant special offers and rewards.

Why should I use Thyngs?

The Thyngs Ecosystem

Thyngs Hardware

The latest proximity hardware and advanced marketing analytics without the cost of building an maintaining your own apps and infrastructure.


Configure, manage and update your campaigns and events as they happen. Monitor ROI with real-time reporting and dashboards.

Thyngs Store

Reorder thyngs styckers, pyngers and kits. With MyThyngs platform you can begin setting up your event or campaign before your thyngs are delivered

Thyngs App

Enhance your users experience with follow up messaging, favourites and sharing. Discover nearby thyngs and scan QR and barcodes lightning fast.

Free Thyngs App

Make it easier for your audience to engage

Scan barcodes and QR code thyngs

Get messages from thyngs when they want to tell you something

Share thyngs with your friends & social networks

Remember your visits and view nearby thyngs

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Getting started with Thyngs is easy

Select the kit from Thyngs Store that best suits your needs. You can then access MyThyngs platform to set up your campaign or event.