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Connecting the physical world to create powerful multi-channel commerce solutions that are simple, quick and cost effective.

Thyngs transforms any physical product, packaging or advertisement into an instant point of transaction without need for an app. Whether it’s an engaging experience, instant purchase or loyalty scheme – the only limit is your imagination.

This is why we do it

The mission

Thyngs are on a mission to bridge the physical and digital world to revolutionise consumer engagement, payment, and loyalty. With 2.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, there is an invaluable opportunity for businesses to engage with these users offline using their devices.

For businesses in industries such as retail, events, charity and publishing

For those of you working within these industries – we provide you with solutions that will maximise ROI through enhanced consumer engagement, frictionless experiences, fast and secure payments & real-time data insight.

For us all in our day-to-day lives

We aim to make day-to-day life a whole lot easier, engaging, rewarding, and secure.


Take a look

Customers are thrilled

Movember started as a simple way to raise money and awareness for a good cause, something that anyone can take part in. The contactless badge is the next step. So many of our incredible supporters take part in amazing challenges, and our no-fuss badges take donating to a whole new level.

Owen SharpChief Executive - Movember Foundation

Thyngs created a new opportunity for us to receive donations that ticked all the boxes, giving us a reliable and engaging new fundraising mechanism that fits seamlessly within the pub quiz supporter journey.

Simon O'LearyAssistant Director of Fundraising - Royal British Legion

We wanted a fantastic user journey to encourage our customer to enter our "Win a Trip" competition and drive sales. Using Thyngs was a no brainer as we had already run a successful loyalty programme with them and knew they would deliver both great service and fantastic returns

Andreia HarwoodSenior Marketing Manager - Wasabi

Hot right now

Cashless Pudsey

Creating several Pudsey Bears with an NFC chip on its ear, passers by donated to BBC’s Children in Need using their smartphone.

Watch what happened, here.

Make a Connection

The Thyngs Event Solution transforms lanyards or badges into instruments of connection using just a tap or scan from attendees smartphones.

No paper, no app, just maximum engagement… 

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