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Cashless payments available anywhere in the world using nothing more than a smart phone.

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Cashless payments available anywhere in the world using nothing more than a smart phone.

Welcome to Thyngs

Evolve your physical marketing and cashless payments with Thyngs.

Thyngs use touch-free smartphone technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) and Apple Pay to connect consumers to engaging and mobile-optimised experiences.

Thyngs' technology allows Angal to pioneer a safe and secure way for our clients to accept cashless donations. Supporters simply scan or tap their mobile phones on our collection boxes and can donate in less than 15 seconds. Now is the perfect time to upgrade.

Lee Woodford Managing Director at Angal
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If you need any assistance with devices, prices or resources you can call us or request a callback and our team will help find a solution.

Calls to 03 numbers from landlines and mobiles cost the same as dialling an 01 or 02 number and are included in bundled landline and mobile tariffs.

Who We Do It For?

Anyone and everyone

You could be in hospitality, events or be any type of organisation where you have a need to take payment, collect data, offer loyalty, take orders, request feedback. The possibilities are endless.

Good Thyngs

Agencies & Partnerships

We also work with a large network of payments providers, marketing experts, and technology providers around the world to deliver an exceptional end-to-end service.

We’ve built an intuitive and adaptable platform that can transform anything, anywhere, for anyone. Want to become a partner? Get in touch.

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Agencies & Partnerships

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Touch-free Commerce

With quick, app-fee experiences via a smartphone

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Are you a charity?

Good Thyngs is an all-in-one contactless fundraising platform for charities of any size.

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