Using tap, scan, and nearby interaction technologies, our clients are driving new forms of mobile engagement that bridge the physical and digital worlds – without the cost of building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

In addition, a growing network of partners is using our platform to create completely new proximity-based products and solutions, generating new revenue streams and gaining a competitive edge.

How does it work?

Add a QR/NFC sticker or Bluetooth® Low Energy beacon to an object or location

Smartphone users tap, scan, or go near the object to interact with it

Users are linked directly to mobile content or services

You configure each experience and track interaction and conversion in real time

Infinite possibilities

The combination of physical objects and locations that you can enable and the content and services you can connect them to are truly limitless.

Get started

The quickest way to get started is with one of our development kits. This allows you to try out all the tap, scan, and nearby capabilities of our platform with no ongoing commitment. When you’re ready to launch, simply sign up to one of our software plans.

Thyngs Development Kit

Everything you need to test and prototype a proximity campaign or service using the Thyngs platform, whether tap, scan, or nearby touchpoints. Includes 5 NFC/QR stickers, 5 NFC/QR cards, and 2 beacons (1 near-range, 1 far-range) supporting iBeacon™ and Eddystone™ communication.

*1 month free platform access included