About us

Neil Garner, Founder & CEO

After Many Years Pioneering Proximity Commerce

Years before Apple had even got round to Building Apple Pay, Neil founded his last company, pioneering the mobile contactless wallet and proximity marketing. He always believed that all Smartphones would have the capability to transact through NFC technology and now there are now over 2 Billion Smart Phone users out there who can seamlessly interact with physical objects.

Neil created Thyngs after a brief chat with the ‘now’ Director General of the Royal British Legion, Charles Byrne. A simple solution was needed to address the future decline in cash donations due to the fast consumer adoption of contactless. The Thyngs concept was born from taking the simple principles of mobile contactless payment and applying them to an easy-to-use online platform that could be used by anyone, to turn any physical object into an interactive experience, initially for charity donations but ultimately for any commercial transaction.

This was only the beginning

So many of Neil’s previous partners and staff are now working in Global businesses such as Worldpay, MasterCard, Apple and Google taking the knowledge we all gained all of those years ago, and Thyngs was ready to take advantage of new technologies in the smartphones. Our technology and platform lend themselves to a multitude of sectors and uses and we continue to innovate and grow as we learn, listen and use our combined knowledge to further simplify and improve our products and service.

I believe what makes Thyngs special is our unique combination of: awesome staff, customers & partners; simple easy to use technology that works app-free with over 2 billion smartphones; our passion for improving consumer engagement for brands & retailers; and an innate desire to better connect digital & physical.

Where does the name

come from?

We wanted a name like ‘things’ originally, but how confusing would that be for us all? 

After searching for similar domains we discovered the name we use today and we now have the trademark for thyng and Thyngs in the UK which is extendable for Europe and elsewhere, plus we love our thy.ng short URL domain too!

We make any physical object become interactive so essentially we can transform any ‘thing’ into a ‘thyng’ that has been made interactive by ‘Thyngs’ which is kind of fun!

Rising Stars Tech Nation

Out of 300 start ups, we made the final 20!

Meet our management team

talking about how they would use Thyngs to make a difference

Darren Harper

Non-Exec Chairman

  • Head of Production, AbCam
  • Head of Research, Analysis & Events at Library House
  • Created Business Leaders Network  in High Growth Businesses
  • Created the Growth Accelerator programme for UK Government
  • Board Advisor, Mentor & Coach for high growth UK businesses

“Have household objects that are Thyngs enabled for easy donations. My example is every time my son smiles and is full of life I would donate to GOSH as they saved his life.”

Laura Fox-Newby

Head of Operations

  • Head of Partnerships & Implementations for Epos Now
  • Leadership roles across Operations, Partnerships & User Experience
  • Transformed brand &  team for Local Search, Archant – active mentor, & coach
  • Head of Customer Success

“In a world where Data and Anonymity are fighting to be King. I want Thyngs to provide both. Giving business back the ability to understand their customers and thrive, whilst keeping the privacy of those who don’t want to be recognised.”

Wayne Taylor

Chief Tech Officer

  • CTO of Epos Now
  • Built a successful tech team of 30 people in 4 years
  • Scaled revenue from £40K/m to £750K/m
  • Expert in designing, building & operating SAAS-based businesses
  • Designed & built the Thyngs platform from scratch & leads the dev team

“I believe our technology would improve advertisement tremendously and most importantly get people engaging with real-world objects and subjects.”

Chris Duerden

Head of Experience

  • Intern Graphic Designer at Proxama, 2010
  • Actively involved in design & user interface of all Proxama projects with global brands, network operators, banks, handset manufacturers & card schemes
  • Designed marketing materials & stands for global events & exhibitions
  • Led all design activities across marketing, customer projects, product website, app & platform for Thyngs from the beginning

“I think Thyngs could be part of a truly ‘transmedia’ experience. Physical campaigns no longer have to be static, they can evolve and develop as the narrative progresses, and even involve audience participation.”

Adam Schneider

Head of Thyngs, USA

  • Advanced through roles as Account Executive at Media & Internet companies
  • Vice President of Sales at the mobile marketing company, Cellfire
  • Captured the company’s first million-dollar deal, maintained the highest revenue per client, and brought in company’s largest accounts at AdMob Inc
  • Business Development Manager, Microsoft

“I envision Thyngs technology at every professional sporting event seat.  Fans will tap to order food, buy items, learn about the players, engage with fans, enter contests and purchase tickets for the next game.”

Jamie Conygham

Board Advisor, Asia

  • Director of Business Development for various mobile companies
  • Chief Exec Officer & Co-Founder of games, Telcogames Ltd & Dojo
  • Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of various marketing and advertisement companies
  • Innovation Advisor for Talent. A highly-innovative global Technology, Digital, Media & Telecommunications Consultancy delivering recruitment and managed solutions

“It will be commonplace for people to get their phone and tap on objects expecting to find out information or purchase. Thyngs is the enabler for this interactive world.”

Michael Braybrook

Commercial Director

  • Head of solution sales for mGage global leader in carrier billing working with Fortune 1000 businesses
  • Head of Global Sales for Padawan Group
  • Sales Director MWM Print & On-line solutions
  • Leads sales for global publishers, retailers & charities

“Thyngs opens up a whole world of feedback, payment and loyalty opportunities allowing you to navigate your way through day to day life making the most of what life has to offer.”