Hello from Thyngs

Hello from Thyngs

Hello. We’re Thyngs.

Thyngs is a new UK startup, that connects everyday physical objects with digital services, easily accessed through a mobile device.

We believe physical, real world experiences are more exciting, rewarding, and memorable than digital ones. Thyngs exists to make your real wold experiences even better, by seamlessly connecting them to your digital mobile life.

Exciting things happen when you interact with a Thyng. After tapping, scanning, or typing a code, you’re quickly connected to the mobile-optimised digital experience that has been created for that Thyng. Our aim is to make it really easy for organisations to create digital and physical experiences for their users. Thyngs can be used by charities and not-for-profits, small businesses, venue owners, shops, cafes, bars, and even marketing agencies.

Businesses and other organisations spend thousands on passive objects in an attempt to strengthen their brand authority: donation boxes, badges, wristbands, keyrings, medals, fridge magnets, bags for life, running vests and t-shirts, posters. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. These inanimate objects are often lacking imagination, and are not always very memorable.

By applying a Thyngs stycker to everyday objects and brand collateral, it’s not everyday anymore. Users are much more likely to remember a brand or organisation once they’ve had a physical interaction with it.

Right now, we are helping early adopters to create Thyngs by providing our agency service – very soon, we will be enabling other marketing agencies to do this too.

Thyngs HQ is WhiteSpace Norwich: a flexible and collaborative workspace, among talented and experienced entrepreneurs. With the help and innovation of Norwich’s digital tech partners and businesses, Thyngs has doubled in size within two months. We’ve not only added to our skills and knowledge of technology but also our excitement and passion for Thyngs.

Keeping Thyngs on our toes, is our Founder & CEO, Neil Garner. Neil had the revelation that any physical object can become a Thyng – it just needs a Thyngs stycker to transform it.

As Thyngs continues to grow, you’ll see some exciting news, events, and products appear on our site. Watch this space to be the first to know what’s new with Thyngs.