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Succeed in 2020 - SME Business Resolutions

Hi guys and welcome to Stronger Thyngs?

This content is here to give you an insight? into how we are building our business stronger every day and hopefully enable you to do the same.

It’s going to be a little different this week, not quite as serious or topic focused as our other episodes, mainly because it's Christmas.

Before we step into the new decade, let's just have a look back at exactly what we've been talking about in this year's Stronger Thyngs.

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Ingredients to Success

We've talked about our people? we've talked about how we get the most out of our people and really how we get to know them.

We've also looked at stress and how stress can impact not just our staff and ourselves but our business as well? And we've also given you hopefully a small set of tools that can help you to overcome that in your workplace.

We've looked at flexible working hours and how understanding exactly the way that your team work best can deliver the best results for your company?

We also took some time to look at business perspective? to understand just how when you step outside of your company other people are thinking about what's going on and what other people, consumers and customers, think of your brand.

We've looked at your marketing and shown you just how stepping outside of the online world of Google algorithms can have major and fantastic impacts to your company?

And we've also looked at the reasons that brick-and-mortar businesses are failing?️? the reasons that people aren't engaging with your brand as they once did and the ways that we as companies can try and overcome that to keep driving our customers to our brands time and time again.

What are we getting at... really?

Basically, everything that we've been trying to share with you is about how you can step out of the box and try new things?

Just because someone's been doing something for a hundred years it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right thing to do?

Think about new ways that you can engage your staff, your clients, your customers? New experiences that you can impart onto the people engaging with you to ensure that they really stay engaged.

There are so many learnings out there that are proven time and time again - don't disregard those! Do the research but alongside research have some balls. Go out there and try something different?

Just one little thing that can change your business from where it is today jumping into a brand new decade and absolutely smashing it?

That's what we're about here at Thyngs. We're about taking everyday things and making them into something exciting, making sure that people aren't stuck in them up they're not just expecting exactly what you're going to do time and time again.

Mix it up, because if you're not mixing up then you're not interesting new people and if you're not interesting new people then all your customers are going to die and your business will be gone?

...Too far?

How much do you crave success in 2020?

Guys, it’s not just the end of the year it's the end of a decade. Look in the mirror? Think about the things that you want to change in 2020.

All of the things that we're talking about is not just about business. I'm not just telling you to look at what you're doing in your business and where you can change it, look at yourself as a person.

This all comes back to your personal life – step outside of your box, have a look of the things that you can change in your life to make sure that the next decade isn't like the last one - it's even better.

So guys, you don't have to listen to me anymore this year. I know that this time next week everyone is going to be tearing open their presents? eating Turkey? getting drunk? and getting fat? so this is it for our 2019 Stronger Thyngs.

I've had a great time and I really hope that you guys have found something in any of the videos interesting, even if it's just the bloopers (which trust me are my favourite!)

We will be back in the new year with a whole new set of Stronger Thyngs so please do let us know if there's anything that you want us to cover or there's anything that you want me to shut up about.

Have the best Christmas ever, I know I'm going to!

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